Introducing the Mini-Infuser®

The First Wearable Drug Delivery System for Animals

The Mini-Infuser® uses a polymer actuator that we developed to replace all the mechanical components of an infusion pump. The polymer is stored dry in the Mini-Infuser® actuator assembly. When water is introduced, the polymer actuator swells at a very linear rate and creates very high pressure. The high pressure created is transferred to the drug container which then pushes the medication out of the Mini-Infuser ® at a very linear and controlled rate of infusion for animal and veterinary use, without the need for electric motors and mechanical parts.

How It Works 


STEP 1: Preparation

  • Determine patient weight and drug therapy level
  • Use the simple Mini-Infuser® Look-Up Table to prepare 10ml Rx supply
  • Inject the 10ml drug/diluent into the pump port using ONLY a 27 ga needle
  • Suture, staple, or adhesive tape to the animal’s skin

STEP 2: Infusion

  • Insert the subcutaneous catheter into the skin
  • Attach the SQ-Catheter Luer Fitting to the pump fitting
  • Push the supplied water syringe to start the pump
  • Remove the water syringe and tubing
  • Close the door to start the timer

STEP 3: Wearability

  • Clinical test animals have been ambulatory soon after orthopedic surgery
  • Animal can begin movement recovery with the potential to go home

Wearable SQ-CRI

RxActuator Mini-Infuser® Wearable Subcutaneous Constant Rate Infusion pump

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