Even successful veterinarians face numerous stressors throughout the day. Long work hours and animal suffering on a routine basis can lead to burnout and a fracture in work-life balance. But, there’s always a way to combat the stress and keep doing what you love. Here’s how to get your work-life balance back in sync.

Reduce Your Time at Work

Realizing that your work can be a stressful environment is not an unconventional practice, and a great way to start managing your work-life balance is to take yourself away from the stress. 

Reduce your time at work by… 

  • Creating a calendar of important dates to look forward to time-off.
  • Learning to say no, especially if your gut tells you that you don’t have the time or bandwidth for something.
  • Looking into a practice or job/career change that can accommodate a flexible work schedule, or explore options where veterinary skills translate well to other professions

Make Positive Changes in Your Workplace

Even when there are things that are out of your control, it’s the things that are in your control that can make you happier at work and help you reduce the work-life balance stressors.

Some positive changes you can make are… 

  • Don’t take work home. Leave work at work as much as possible, or your “personal” time isn’t really yours.
  • Track how you spend your time at work for a full week. See if you can identify any tasks that aren’t needed, could be delegated to someone else, or could be set aside and done together to save time.
  • Leave on time at least once a week. 

Make the Most of Time Outside Work

While a big part of having a balanced and meaningful life is making time for your passions and non-work activities, having a job can eat up all of your time and energy if you let it.

Make the most of your time outside of work by… 

  • Putting technology aside to minimize “time-sucks.” Your email or social media can be tempting to check, but it’s best to focus on time together when you’re with the people you care about. 
  • Streamlining life maintenance and outsourcing as many chores as you can. Consider an additional $6-10 each week for grocery delivery and putting your bills on auto-pay.
  • Making sure you’re healthy by getting a full night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. 


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