An innovation in Companion Animal Pain Therapy

Wearable – One Step start – Simplified CRI

The Mini-Infuser™ CRI pump is intended to be used for medication delivery, such as in post-surgical pain management, with 6-100 kg (10 lbs-160 lbs) canines that are under the supervised and direct care of veterinary healthcare professionals in a hospital or acute care setting. The WEARABLE  Mini-Infuser™ CRI pump delivers 48 hours of Constant Rate Infusion of medication.

The pump is simply used by:

1.  Filling the pump with the desired medication – made easier with the FIXED 0.2 mL/hour flow rate

2.  Affixing the pump to the patient with the Kit-Supplied Sutures

3.  Inserting subcutaneous infusion access into patient with the Kit-supplied SQ Catheter

4.  Attaching the infusion line from the pump to the SQ access

5.  Starting the pump by pushing the activation syringe




> Wearable in cage with no external lines or tethers

> Rapid onset

> 48 hour subcutaneous constant flow

> 10mL on board drug capacity

> Light-weight comfort

> Patients can ambulate outside cage without interruption of medication delivery

> Decrease labor costs

> Decrease medication errors

> Superior continuous medication therapy

> Standardize medication therapy

> Decreases infection risk

> Reduce or eliminate capital equipment expenditures and associated carrying costs