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The headquarters of RxActuator® is in Tucson, Arizona and we have developed a very unique and innovative, portable and wearable infusion pump. We would like to introduce you to some of the market conditions that are making our new product so promising:

Benefits of our NEW Wearable SQ – Constant Rate Infusion pump

Constant Rate Infusion of pain medication provides the patient with steady therapy.  Instead of chasing pain, over or under the therapy your choose, CRI brings steady relief.

Compared to thesepain medication delivery systems

> Existing Infusion Pumps require large volumes of fluid to be accurate yet the drugs they intend to use are packaged in highly concentrated forms in small volumes.  We have simplified the CALCULATION of CRI by making ONE Fixed flow rate.  Now CRI is one-two-three step easy.

> Syringe Pumps also have issues while medicated patches are adequate but unable to deliver all drugs and can’t adjust to patient responses.

> IV Drug delivery is complex with multiple steps and hand-offs that lead to medication errors.

> PCA’s (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) units require significant monitoring by medical staff, have had an unfortunate error history and a very high operating cost.

The RxActuator® Breakthrough

Mark Banister, who would become Medipac’s Founder and Chief Technical Officer, invented a polymer which exhibited unprecedented expansion and high force. He envisioned that this would be relevant in multiple markets, including drug delivery.

Ultimately, with the use of a simple water actuator, this novel material expands up to 4 times its size, generatin a very high force while displacing a considerable volume of drug at a constant rate of flow. In other words the polymer itself had become the device’s supremely efficient motor.

First Platform: Mini-Infuser™ pump

From this discovery we developed our current Mini-Infuser™ pump. It is a revolutionary lightweight, wearable, disposable micro-pump technology platform with a broad range of drug delivery capabilities.

Extensive Applications within the Veterinary Markets

These unique advantages give the Mini-Infuser™ pump a special relevance in therapeutic care. In addition to companion animal Wearble SQ-CRI pain drug infusion, The Mini-Infuser™ pump has attracted interest for Opthtalmic drug deliver especially for Equine practices.


Such innovation was soon recognized and we have received a number of prestigious