Wearable SQ-CRI – the NEW way to deliver pain medication

The Mini-Infuser™ pump is an award winning, revolutionary breakthrough subcutaneous constant rate infusion pain pump.  It is wearable, lightweight, and accurate without traditional moving mechanical parts.

The Mini-Infuser™ uses a proprietary polymer that creates a force strong enough to deliver a constant 0.2mL/hour flow rate over 48 hours.  With a 10mL onboard fillable capacity, the Mini-Infuser™ pump, stands in sharp contrast to the bulky, complicated and expensive CRI pump systems currently on the market.

The Mini-Infuser™ can also be filled with therapies for patients in need of relief from pain, diabetes, chronic heart failure, and many other disorders.

Finally, with a strong team focused on the Veterinary market we intend bring both patient and practice beneifts to treat companion animals for post-surgical pain.

Here’s how Dr. Joseph Shurman, Chairman of Pain Management, Scripps Memorial Hospital of La Jolla, California explains the Mini-Infuser

“This pump platform infusion device provides a new approach to small volume parenteral drug administration. It combines the accuracy of electronically controlled pump technology with the low cost and convenience of a disposable, wearable infusion device. The device comes in a disposable package and can deliver precise administration of small fluid volumes via subcutaneous access. This delivery system offers less dramatic swings in analgesic blood level and pain experience.”